Mimul’s Sourcing Ltd is a buying house which is certified by Department of Textile, Bangladesh. They source, connect with manufacturers, place orders, oversee production, regulate quality, negotiate contracts, coordinate logistics, and follow ethical standards. They negotiate contracts, discuss requirements, designs, quantities, and delivery deadlines with manufacturers, and do pre-production inspections. They organize logistics and shipping, function as a primary contact, and verify manufacturers follow labor, safety, and environmental standards. Audits verify factories meet these criteria.

Why Mimul’s Sourcing Ltd?
Mimul’s Sourcing Ltd combines foreign customers' needs with local producers' capabilities.
·        Facilitating Collaboration: They find partners and simplify clothing buying and manufacture.
·        Quality and Safety: They examine every step of manufacturing.
·        Improving International Trade: They help international buyers and local manufacturers communicate, building confidence and transparency.
·        Economic Development: They create jobs, boost the economy, and earn foreign cash.
·        Compliance and Ethics: They follow worldwide labor, safety, and ethical standards.
·        Vital to Bangladesh's Textile Industry: They improve operational efficiency, dependability, economic development, and international commerce.